Asus N61J Battery
ASUS N61J Battery Replacement

6-Cell/4400mAh A32-M50 Battery Replacement for ASUS G50V G51J G51V G60 L50 M50 M60 VX5 X55 X57

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6-Cell/4400mAh Laptop Battery for Asus N53SV N53S G50VT G51VX M50 N53 N53J N53JQ N53SN N61J N61JQ N61JV A32-N61 A32-M50 G50 G60 A33-M50 G51J L062066 M60.


  • Attention: For the new battery, we suggest all of our customers fully charge it by AC power adapter. Maybe it take a long period, the capacity was strain out by inner PCB circuit. In order to protect your battery life, you can fully charge it to 100% and drain to 2% ,it's a cycle and the capacity will recover. it's better to make normal use after 2 cycles and charge the battery regularly at least once a month.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 11.1V; Capacity: 4400mAh; Cells: 6-cell Color: Black
  • 100% Brand New Cells. Rechargeable Up to 500 cycls over life of battery; High energy efficiency and extended battery life.

Compatible with the following models:
G50, G50VT, G51, G51J, G51J-3D, G51J-A1, G51JX, G51Jx-A1, G51Jx-X1, G51V, G51Vx, G51Vx-X3A, G60, G60J, G60JX, G60V, G60VX, G60VX-JX001C, G60VX-JX001K, G60VX-JX003C, G60VX-JX004K, G60VX-JX006K, G60VX-JX038C, G60VX-JX040, G60VX-JX040C, G60VX-JX040V, G60VX-JX122V, G60VX-JX136V, G60VX-P7450, G60VX-RBBX05, G60VX-RBBX09, G60VX-RBBX5, L50, L50Vn, M50, M50Q, M50S, M50Sa, M50Sr, M50Sv, M50V, M50VC, M50VM, M50VN, M60J, M60J-A1, M60J-JX018V, M60Vp, N43, N43J, N43JF, N43JF-A1, N43JM, N43JQ, N52, N52A, N52D, N52DA, N52DC, N52DR, N52F, N52J, N52JA, N52JB, N52JC, N52JE, N52JF, N52JG, N52JL, N52JN, N52JQ, N52JT, N52JV, N52S, N52SN, N52SV, N52V, N52VF, N53, N53J, N53Jf, N53Jg, N53Jn, N53S, N53SV, N53SV-SX503V, N53SV-SX712V, N53SV-SX788V, N53T, N61, N61-A1, N61J, N61Ja, N61JA-JX087X, N61jq, N61JQ-A1, N61JQ-JX002V, N61JQ-JX017V, N61JQ-JX021X, N61JQ-X1, N61Jv, N61JV-JX002V, N61JV-JX231V, N61JV-JX378V, N61JV-X2, N61Vg, N61Vg-A1, N61VG-A2, N61VG-JX092V, N61Vn, N61Vn-A1, N61w, PRO62, PRO64, VX5, VX5-A2B, X55, X55A, X55S, X55Sa, X55Sr, X55Sv, X55VD, X57, X57VN, X64, X64JV, X64JV-JX065V, X64JV-JX084V, X64VG, X64VG-JX008V, X64VG-JX138V, X64VG-JX156V 

Compatible with the following part numbers:
15G10N373800, 15G10N373830, 90-NED1B2100Y, A32-M50, A32-N61, A32-X64, A33-M50, L072051

Note: Not all P/N & compatible models are listed here.

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