HP Pavilion 15 14-B033TU 14-B006TX Laptop Battery
HP VK04 Battery

695192-001, H4Q45AA, HSTNN-YB4D, VK04 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b000 15t Series

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695192-001 Laptop Battery for HP VK04 H4Q45AA HSTNN-DB4D HSTNN-YB4D HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000 15-b000 Pavilion Ultrabook 14-b000 694864-851 695192-001 14.4V 2200mah.


  • Attention: For the new battery, we suggest all of our customers fully charge it by AC power adapter. Maybe it take a long period, the capacity was strain out by inner PCB circuit. In order to protect your battery life, you can fully charge it to 100% and drain to 2% ,it's a cycle and the capacity will recover. it's better to make normal use after 2 cycles and charge the battery regularly at least once a month.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion; Voltage: 14.4V; Capacity: 2200mAh; Cells: 4-Cell; Color: Black; Voltage: 14.4V; Capacity: 4400mAh; Cells: 8-Cell; Color: Black
  • 100% Brand New Cells. Rechargeable Up to 500 cycls over life of battery; High energy efficiency and extended battery life.

Compatible with the following models:
6-1014nr, 6-1014tx, 6-1140ca, 14-k001tx, 14-k002tx, 14-k004tx, 14-k005tx, 14-k010us, 14-b000, 14-b000ed, 14-b000ee, 14-b000ei, 14-b000ej, 14-b000eo, 14-b000es, 14-b000et, 14-b000ex, 14-b000se, 14-b000sg, 14-b000ss, 14-b000sx, 14-b001au, 14-b001ea, 14-b001eia, 14-b001ek, 14-b001sa, 14-b001sia, 14-b001sk, 14-b001tx, 14-b001xx, 14-b002au, 14-b002ek, 14-b002sk, 14-b002tx, 14-b003au, 14-b004tu, 14-b005au, 14-b005ed, 14-b006au, 14-b006tu, 14-b007au, 14-b008au, 14-b008tu, 14-b009au, 14-b009tu, 14-b010au, 14-b010ej, 14-b010tu, 14-b010us, 14-ab001tu, 14-ab001tx, 14-ab002tx, 14-ab003tu, 14-ab003tx, 14-ab004tx, 14-ab005tu, 14-ab005tx, 14-ab006tu, 14-ab007la, 14-ab007tx, 14-ab008tu, 14-ab008tx, 14-ab009tx, 14-ab010tx, 14-ab011tx, 14-ab012tu, 14-ab012tx, 14-ab013tu, 14-ab013tx, 14-ab014tu, 14-ab014tx, 14-ab015tu, 14-ab016tu, 14-ab017tu, 14-ab018tu, 14-ab018tx, 14-ab019la, 14-ab019tu, 14-ab019tx, 14-ab020tu, 14-ab020tx, 14-ab021la, 14-ab021tu, 14-ab021tx, 14-ab022tu, 14-ab022tx, 14-ab023tu, 14-ab023tx, 14-ab024tx, 14-ab025tx, 14-ab026tx, 14-ab027tx, 14-ab028tx, 14-ab033tx, 14-ab034tx, 14-ab035tx, 14-ab036tx, 14-ab037tx, 14-ab038tx, 14-ab039tx, 14-ab040tx, 14-ab041tx, 14-ab042tx, 14-ab043tx, 14-ab045tx, 14-ab046tx, 14-ab047tx, 14-ab048tx, 14-ab049tx, 14-ab050tx, 14-ab051tx, 14-ab052tx, 14-ab053tx, 14-ab054ca, 14-ab055tx, 14-ab057ca, 14-ab058tx, 14-ab059tx, 14-ab066us, 14-ab084ca, 14-ab101tx, 14-ab102la, 14-ab102tu, 14-ab102tx, 14-ab103tx, 14-ab104tu, 14-ab104tx, 14-ab105la, 14-ab105tx, 14-ab106tx, 14-ab107tx, 14-ab108tx, 14-ab109la, 14-ab109tx, 14-ab110tx, 14-ab111la, 14-ab111tx, 14-ab112la, 14-ab112tx, 14-ab114tu, 14-ab114tx, 14-ab115tu, 14-ab115tx, 14-ab116tu, 14-ab116tx, 14-ab117tu, 14-ab118tu, 14-ab119tu, 14-ab120tu, 14-ab120tx, 14-ab121tu, 14-ab121tx, 14-ab122tu, 14-ab122tx, 14-ab123tx, 14-ab124tu, 14-ab124tx, 14-ab125tu, 14-ab125tx, 14-ab126tu, 14-ab127tu, 14-ab127tx, 14-ab128tx, 14-ab129tx, 14-ab130tx, 14-ab131tu, 14-ab131tx, 14-ab132tu, 14-ab132tx, 14-ab133tu, 14-ab133tx, 14-ab134tx, 14-ab135tx, 14-ab136tx, 14-ab137tx, 14-ab138tx, 14-ab139tx, 14-ab140tx, 14-ab141tx, 14-ab143tx, 14-ab148tx, 14-ab149tx, 14-ab151la, 14-ab151tx, 14-ab153tx, 14-ab154ca, 14-ab154la, 14-ab154tx, 14-ab155la, 14-ab155tx, 14-ab156la, 14-ab156tx, 14-ab157tx, 14-ab158tx, 14-ab159tx, 14-ab161tx, 14-ab162tx, 14-ab163tx, 14-ab165tx, 14-ab166tx, 14-ab166us, 14-ab167tx, 14-ab167us, 14-ab168ca, 14-ab168tx, 14-ab169tx, 14-ab170tx, 14-ab171tx, 14-ab172tx, 14-ab173tx, 14-ab174tx, 14-ab175tx, 14-ab176tx, 14-ab177tx, 14-ab178tx, 14-ab179tx, 14-ab180tx, 14-ab183tx, 14-b000, 14-b002eo, 14-b002sa, 14-b002sx, 14-b003ea, 14-b003sa, 14-b003tx, 14-b004tx, 14-b005ea, 14-b005sa, 14-b005tx, 14-b006ea, 14-b006sa, 14-b006tx, 14-b007sa, 14-b008ea, 14-b008sa, 14-b010tx, 14-b010us, 14-b011tx, 14-b013nr, 14-b015dx, 14-b016tu, 14-b021tx, 14-b022tx, 14-b023tx, 14-b024au, 14-b025au, 14-b025tx, 14-b026tu, 14-b026tx, 14-b027tu, 14-b027tx, 14-b028tx, 14-b029tx, 14-b030et, 14-b030st, 14-b031tx, 14-b031us, 14-b032tu, 14-b032tx, 14-b033tu, 14-b033tx, 14-b036tu, 14-b037tu, 14-b042tu, 14-b048tu, 14-b060br, 14-b065br, 14-b080br, 14-b083eg, 14-b085br, 14-b090br, 14-b109wm, 15-ba009dx, 15-ba079dx, 14-e000, 14-e001TU, 14-e001tx, 14-e002TU, 14-e002TX, 14-e003tu, 14-e003TX, 14-e004tu, 14-e004tx, 14-e005tu, 14-e005tx, 14-e006TU, 14-e006tx, 14-e007TU, 14-e007tx, 14-e008tu, 14-e008tx, 14-e009tu, 14-e009tx, 14-e010la, 14-e010tu, 14-e010TX, 14-e011TU, 14-e011tx, 14-e012la, 14-e012TU, 14-e012TX, 14-e013TU, 14-e013TX, 14-e014la, 14-e014TU, 14-e014TX, 14-e015TU, 14-e015tx, 14-e016la, 14-e016TU, 14-e016tx, 14-e018la, 14-e018tx, 14-e019tx, 14-e020tx, 14-e021tx, 14-e022tx, 14-e023tx, 14-e024tx, 14-e025TX, 14-e026TX, 14-e027TX, 14-e028TX, 14-e029TX, 14-e030TX, 14-e031TX, 14-e032TX, 14-e033TX, 14-e034TX, 14-e035TX, 14-e036TX, 14-e037TX, 14-e038TX, 14-e039tx, 14-e042tx, 14-e043TX,
242 G0 Series, 242 G1 Series, 242 Series, Pavilion 14 Series, Pavilion 14t Series, Pavilion 14z Series, Pavilion 15 Series, Pavilion 15t Series, Pavilion 15z Series, Pavilion Chromebook 14 Series, Pavilion Chromebook 14t Series, Pavilion Chromebook 14z Series, Pavilion Chromebook 15 Series, Pavilion Chromebook 15t Series, Pavilion Chromebook 15z Series, Pavilion m4 Series, Pavilion Sleekbook 14 Series, Pavilion Sleekbook 14t Series, Pavilion Sleekbook 14z Series, Pavilion Sleekbook 15 Series, Pavilion Sleekbook 15t Series, Pavilion Sleekbook 15z Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 14t Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 14z Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 15 Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 15t Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 15z Series

Compatible with the following part numbers:
694864-851, HSTNN-DB4D, HSTNN-YB4D, VK04, VOLKS, 695192-001, H4Q45AA

Note: Not all P/N & compatible models are listed here.

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