HP AO03 AO03 AO04 Battery
HP CQ14 Battery Replacement

Laptop Battery for HP CQ14 / CQ15 / 240 G2 / 250 G2 / 255 G2 Compaq Presario 15 P/N: OA04 / OA03

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Replacement OA03 OA04 Notebook Battery Compatible HP 746641-001 740715-001 J1U99AA F3B94AA,fit HP Compaq CQ14 CQ15 240 G2 G3 HP Compaq Presario 15-h000 15-S000; HSTNN-LB5Y HSTNN-PB5Y.


  • Attention: For the new battery, we suggest all of our customers fully charge it by AC power adapter. Maybe it take a long period, the capacity was strain out by inner PCB circuit. In order to protect your battery life, you can fully charge it to 100% and drain to 2% ,it's a cycle and the capacity will recover. it's better to make normal use after 2 cycles and charge the battery regularly at least once a month.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 14.8V; Capacity: 4400mAh; Cells: 8-cell Color: Black;
  • 100% Brand New Cells. Rechargeable Up to 500 cycls over life of battery; High energy efficiency and extended battery life.

Compatible with the following models:
14 Notebook PC, 14 TouchSmart Notebook PC, 14-r100 TouchSmart, 14-r101tx TouchSmart, 14-r102nia TouchSmart, 14-r104nf TouchSmart, 14-r121ne TouchSmart, 15-d000ee, 15-d000ej, 15-d000ia, 15-d000se, 15-d000sh, 15-d000sk, 15-d000sl, 15-d000sp, 15-d000sr, 15-d000ss, 15-d000sx, 15-d001au, 15-d001ek, 15-d001es, 15-d001sd, 15-d001sh, 15-d001si, 15-d001sia, 15-d001sk, 15-d001sl, 15-d001sr, 15-d001ss, 15-d001sx, 15-d001tu, 15-d002au, 15-d002ee, 15-d002ej, 15-d002ek, 15-d002se, 15-d002si, 15-d002sia, 15-d002sk, 15-d002sl, 15-d002sr, 15-d002ss, 15-d002st, 15-d002sx, 15-d002tx, 15-d003ee, 15-d003ek, 15-d003se, 15-d003si, 15-d003sk, 15-d003sl, 15-d003sm, 15-d003sp, 15-d003sr, 15-d003ss, 15-d003st, 15-d004au, 15-d004er, 15-d004sia, 15-d004sm, 15-d004ss, 15-d004sx, 15-d004tu, 15-d004tx, 15-d005au, 15-d005sia, 15-d005sk, 15-d005sp, 15-d005st, 15-d005sv, 15-d005sw, 15-d005sx, 15-d005tu, 15-d005tx, 15-d006au, 15-d006ed, 15-d006es, 15-d006sk, 15-d006sl, 15-d006sp, 15-d006ss, 15-d006sx, 15-d006tu, 15-d006tx, 15-d007ed, 15-d007ee, 15-d007se, 15-d007sia, 15-d007sk, 15-d007tx, 15-d008ed, 15-d008ee, 15-d008se, 15-d008sv, 15-d008sx, 15-d008tu, 15-d008tx, 15-d009ej, 15-d009sia, 15-d009sl, 15-d009ss, 15-d009sx, 15-d009tu, 15-d009tx, 15-d010ca, 15-d010ek, 15-d010sia, 15-d010sk, 15-d010ss, 15-d010st, 15-d010sw, 15-d010tu, 15-d010tx, 15-d011sk, 15-d011st, 15-d011sx, 15-d011tu, 15-d012sia, 15-d012sl, 15-d012ss, 15-d012sv, 15-d012sx, 15-d012tu, 15-d012tx, 15-d013ca, 15-d013sia, 15-d013sk, 15-d013sl, 15-d013ss, 15-d013sx, 15-d013tx, 15-d014sk, 15-d014sv, 15-d014tu, 15-d015ev, 15-d015ss, 15-d015sv, 15-d015sw, 15-d015sx, 15-d015tu, 15-d016es, 15-d016sv, 15-d016sx, 15-d016tu, 15-d017cl, 15-d017sl, 15-d017ss, 15-d017sx, 15-d017tu, 15-d018sl, 15-d018sx, 15-d018tu, 15-d019sia, 15-d019sx, 15-d019tu, 15-d020ca, 15-d020dx, 15-d020ek, 15-d020la, 15-d020sk, 15-d020sw, 15-d020tu, 15-d021sx, 15-d022es, 15-d022sx, 15-d024ee, 15-d024se, 15-d025ee, 15-d025er, 15-d025se, 15-d025sr, 15-d026er, 15-d026tu, 15-d027ca, 15-d027ee, 15-d027se, 15-d027tu, 15-d028tu, 15-d029tu, 15-d030ee, 15-d030nr, 15-d030se, 15-d031ee, 15-d032tu, 15-d033se, 15-d033tu, 15-d035dx, 15-d037ee, 15-d037se, 15-d038ca, 15-d038dx, 15-d038tu, 15-d039tu, 15-d040ca, 15-d040se, 15-d040sw, 15-d041ee, 15-d041tu, 15-d042sw, 15-d043ee, 15-d043se, 15-d043sw, 15-d047ee, 15-d047se, 15-d047tu, 15-d048ee, 15-d048se, 15-d049ee, 15-d049se, 15-d049tu, 15-d050ec, 15-d050em, 15-d050ev, 15-d050nr, 15-d050sc, 15-d050sm, 15-d050sq, 15-d050sr, 15-d050sv, 15-d050tu, 15-d051ea, 15-d051em, 15-d051nr, 15-d051sa, 15-d051sh, 15-d051sm, 15-d051sq, 15-d051sr, 15-d051st, 15-d051su, 15-d051tu, 15-d052nr, 15-d052sh, 15-d052sq, 15-d052su, 15-d052tu, 15-d053ee, 15-d053nr, 15-d053se, 15-d053sq, 15-d053sr, 15-d053su, 15-d053tu, 15-d054ee, 15-d054eo, 15-d054er, 15-d054nr, 15-d054sc, 15-d054se, 15-d054so, 15-d054sq, 15-d054su, 15-d054tu, 15-d055em, 15-d055sm, 15-d055sr, 15-d055tu, 15-d056nd, 15-d056nr, 15-d056se, 15-d056sr, 15-d056tu, 15-d057nr, 15-d057sc, 15-d057sr, 15-d057tu, 15-d058nr, 15-d058sr, 15-d058tu, 15-d059nr, 15-d059sr, 15-d059tu, 15-d060nr, 15-d060sw, 15-d060tu, 15-d061tu, 15-d062tu, 15-d064tu, 15-d065tu, 15-d066tu, 15-d067tu, 15-d068tu, 15-d069tu, 15-d070so, 15-d070sw, 15-d070tu, 15-d071nr, 15-d071tu, 15-d072nr, 15-d073er, 15-d073nr, 15-d074nr, 15-d075er, 15-d075nr, 15-d075sr, 15-d076er, 15-d076nr, 15-d076sr, 15-d077sr, 15-d078sr, 15-d080ed, 15-d080ee, 15-d080se, 15-d081ed, 15-d081nr, 15-d081se, 15-d082nr, 15-d084eo, 15-d085eo, 15-d088er, 15-d088sr, 15-d089wm, 15-d090nr, 15-r005tx, 15-r200 TouchSmart, 15-r202na TouchSmart, 15-r206na TouchSmart, 15-r207tu TouchSmart, 15-r220cy TouchSmart, 15-r221cy TouchSmart, 15-r222cy TouchSmart, 15-r223cy TouchSmart, 15-r224cy TouchSmart, 15-r225cy TouchSmart, 15-r225tx TouchSmart, 15-r226cy TouchSmart, 15-r226tx TouchSmart, 15-r227cy TouchSmart, 15-r228cy TouchSmart, 15-r229cy TouchSmart, 15-r230cy TouchSmart, 15-r231cy TouchSmart, 15-r241tu TouchSmart, 15-r253cl TouchSmart, 15-r264dx TouchSmart, 15z-d000 CTO, 240 G2 Notebook PC, 250 G2 Notebook PC, 255 G2 Notebook PC, CQ14, CQ15

Compatible with the following part numbers:
740715-001, 746458-421, 746641-001, 751906-541, HSTNN-LB5S, HSTNN-LB5Y, HSTNN-PB5Y, HSTNN-LB55, HSTNN-XB5S, OA04, OA03, TPN-F112, TPN-F113, TPN-F115, J1U99AA, LHP-269

Note: Not all P/N & compatible models are listed here.

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