LITEON 90w 19V 4.74A for Toshiba AC Adapter PA3165U-1ACA,PA3165E-1ACA(5.5x2.5mm)

Liteon 90W 19V 4.74A Original AC Adapter Laptop Charger PA-1900-04, 5.5*2.5mm

  • $150.00

Laptop Notebook Charger for Liteon 19v 4,74A 90W fuer Toshiba Asus Acer FujitsuSiemens Gateway Gericom Medion Stromkebel Adapter Adaptor Power Supply (Power Cord Included)

  • 100% Genuine/Original Charger 
  • Input: AC 100V – 240V 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19V 4.74A 
  • Power: 90W
  • Connector Size: 5.5*2.5mm
  • Condition:100% brand new
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power Cord: Free (1~2M length)

Compatible Part Number:
ACC10H, APA1003003, AP.A1003.004, PA-1900-04, PA-1900-05, DELTA ADP-90SB BB, PA-1700-02, PA-1650-02, LC.T2801.001, LC.ADT01.001, AP.T3503.002, ADP-75SB, ADP-65DB, 90-N00PW4E00T, 90-XB03N0PW00050Y, 90-XB04N0PW00050Y, 90-XB0FN0PW00050Y, 90-XB0HN0PW00050Y , EXA1202YH , N90W-03, ADP-90YD B, PA3380U-1ACA , PA3380E-1ACA ,ADP-75SB AB, ADP-75SB BB, PA-1750-04, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3165U-1ACA, PA3396U-1ACA, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3467E-1AC3, PA3467U-1ACA, PA3468E-1AC3, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3165E-1ACA

Compatible Models:
Gateway Solo Series
400, 400SD, 400SD4, 400VTX, 405E, 405X, 400SD4, 450, 450ROG, 450SX4, 450SX4, 600, 600YGR, 600YGR2, 1100, 1150, 1200, 1400, 1450, 2100, 2150, 2200, 2300, 2350, 2500, 2550, 3100, 3150, 4000, 4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4026GZ, 4028GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4600YG2, 5100, 5150, 5300, 5300L, 5300CS, 5300LS, 5350, 9100, 9150, 9300,9300CX,9500,9550
GATEze5500 WAY CX Series: CX200, CX200S, CX200X
M210, M250, M250A, M250B, M250E, M250G, M250ES, M250GS, M255, M280, M285, M320, M325, M350CRV, M360, M460, M460S, M460X, M460XL, m500, m505, m505m2, M520, M520S, M520X, M520XL, M675, M680, MX8520, MX8523, MX8525, MX8528
Gateway ML Series
ML3106, ML3108, ML3109, ML3706 Series, ML6228 Series, ML6703 Series.
MX3000, MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h, MX3558, MX3558h, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563h, MX3563, MX3610, MX6000, MX6420, MX6421, MX6423, MX7300m
NX200, NX200S, NX200X, NX250X, NX550XL, NX550X, NX850, NX850X, NX850XL
S-7200, S-7200C, S-7200N, S-7500, S-7500N
GATEWAY 400 Series
400, 400S, 400SP, 400X, 400VTX, 400SX4, 400XL 400SD4, 450, 450SX4, 450ROG
GATEWAY 3000 Series
3000, 3018, 3018GZ, 3040, 3040GZ, 3500, 3520, 3520GZ, 3522, 3522GZ, 3525, 3525GB, 3545, 3545GZ, 3550, 3550GZ, 3550GH, 3610, 3610GZ.
GATEWAY 4000 Series
4000, 4010, 4012, 4012GZ, 4014, 4014GB, 4016, 4024, 4024GZ, 4025, 4025GZ, 4026, 4026GZ, 4028, 4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030, 4030GH, 4030GZ, 4520, 4520GZ, 4525, 4525GZ, 4528, 4528MX, 4530, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4532, 4534, 4535, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538, 4538GZ, 4540, 4540GZ, 4541, 4541BZ, 4542, 4542GP, 4543, 4543BZ,
GATEWAY 6000 Series
6000 , 6010 , 6010GZ , 6510 , 6510GZ , 6021 , 6021GH , 6021GZ , 6018 , 6018GH , 6018GZ , 6018GX , 6022 , 6022GZ , 6020 , 6020GZ , 6023 , 6023GP , 6530 , 6531 , 6531GZ , 6518 , 6518GZ , 6520 , 6520GZ
GATEWAY 8000 Series
8515GZ, 8510GH, 8510GZ
Compal FL-90 Series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y Series: Y330, Y430, Y450, Y510, Y530, Y550, Y650, Y730(compatible with integrated graphics models)
Lenovo IdeaPad U110, U330 Series
Toshiba Satellite L305D(L305D-S5922, L305D-S59222, L305D-S5923, L305D-S5925, L305D-S5927, L305D-S5928, L305D-S5930, L305D-S5932, L305D-S5934, L305D-S5935, L305D-S5938, L305D-S5940, L305D-S5949, L305D-S5950, L305D-S5959)
Toshiba Satellite 1600 1700 1715XCDS series
Toshiba Satellite 1900 Series 1900-S305/ 1900-0FS/ 1900-101
Toshiba Satellite 1905 Series/ 1905-S277/ 1905-S301/ 1905-S302/ 1905-S303/ 1905-S304.
Toshiba Satellite 1950/ 1955 Series/ Covers Satellite Models 1950/ 1950-801/ 1955-S801/ 1955-S802/ 1955-S803/ 1955-S804/ 1955-S805/ 1955-S806/ 1955-S807
Toshiba Satellite 2430 Series/ 2430-S255/ 2430-S256
Toshiba Satellite 2435 Series/ 2435-S256
Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series
Compaq nx9000
nx9005 nx9008 nx9010 Series
Pavilion xt500 Series
Pavilion ze4300
ze4400 ze4413AP ze4500 ze4600 ze4700 ze4800 ze5000 ze5200
ze5400 ze5526AP ze5600 ze5700 Series
Presario 2100 Series
Presario 2134AD (DG043A)
Presario 2137EA (DG617A)
Presario 2145AP
Presario 2500 Series
Presario 2515AP (DC717A)
Presario 2533AH
Presario 2543AP
Satellite M200 Series
Satellite Pro M200 Series
Joybook 3000
DELL Inspiron 1425 1427 Series
ASUS A6 series: A6V, A6Km, A6Rp, A6U, A6Vc
ASUS A7 series: A7S, A7Sv, A7K, A7C, A7J, A7T
ASUS A8 series: A8Dc, A8Sc, A8Sr, A8Js, A8Je, A8Jp, A8Jr, A8Jn, A8T, A8m, A8F, A8Z, A8N, A8Tm, A8Tc
ASUS F3 series: F3E, F3Sc, F3Sv, F3Ka, F3Sa, F3Se, F3Sg, F3Jr, F3Jv, F3Ja, F3Jc_, F3Jm_, F3Jp, F3L, F3Ke, F3Ka, F3T, F3Tc, F3M , F3P, F3Q, F3U
ASUS F5 series: F5V, F5VL, F5VLA, F5R
ASUS F6 series: F6A, F6E, F6S, F6V, F6Ve
ASUS F8 series: F8Dc, F8V, F8Va, F8Vr, F8Sa, F8Sg, F8Sn, F8Sp, F8Sr, F8Sv, F8P, F8Tr
ASUS F9 series: F9Dc, F9S, F9Sg
ASUS G1 series: G1S, G1Sn
ASUS G2 series: G2K, G2S, G2, G2Pc, G2Pb
ASUS M50 series: M50Sv, M50Vm, M50Sr, M50Sa
ASUS M51 series: M51Sn, M51Sr, M51Kr, M51Se, M51Vr, M51Va,
ASUS M6 Series: M6000N, M6700N, M6800N, M6B00N,M6N, M6V, M6VA
ASUS M70 series: M70Sa, M70Vm, M70Sr
ASUS M2 series: M2000, M2000N
ASUS N50 series: N50Vc,N50Vn
ASUS N20 series: N20A
ASUS N80 series: N80Vc,N80Vn
ASUS U3 series: U3S, U3Sg
ASUS U5 series: U5A, U5F
ASUS U6 series: U6S,U6Sg,U6V,U6Vc,U6E
ASUS V1 series: V1S, V1Jp, V1J
ASUS V2 series: V2S, V2Je
ASUS W1 series: W1 Carbon, W1Ga, W1Gc, W1Jb-, W1Jc Carbon-, W1N, W1Na, W1Vb, W1Vc
ASUS W2 series: W2Jb, W2P, W2Jc, W2Vb, W2Vc, W2W
ASUS W3 Series: W3J-, W3A, W3N, W3V, W3Z
ASUS W5 Series: W5F, W5V
ASUS W7 Series: W7S,W7J-,W7F
ASUS X50 series: X50C,X50M
ASUS X55 series: X55Sr,X55Sv
ASUS X58 series: X58C
ASUS X59 series: X59GL
ASUS X80 series: X80Z,X80N
ASUS L80 series: L80Vr
ASUS F80 series: F80Cr,F80L,F80S,F80Q
ASUS F50 series: F50Z,F50Gx
Mitac - 8170 (ADP-90FB rev.A)
Mitac - 8375 (ADP-90FB rev.A)
Mitac - 8575 (ADP-90FB rev.A)
Mitac - 8575A (APD-90FB rev.A) A
NEC - Versa E400 (ADP-90FBrev.E)
Packard Bell - Igo 4451 (ADP-90FBrev.E)
Systemax - 4100 (ADP-90FB)
Time - Traveller (ADP-90fb)
AVERATEC 7100, 7170

What's in the Box

  • Liteon 90W AC adapter
  • Power cord

Note: Not all compatiable modelis listed

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