HP Business 2230s Slim Size 4 cell Laptop Battery
Battery For Hp 2230s

Replacement Laptop Battery HSTNN-XB77 for HP Compaq 2230, 2230s, CQ20, 482372-322 14.4v / 2200 mAh

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Laptop Battery for HP COMPAQ 2230s CQ20, 2200mAh/4-Cell..


  • Attention: For the new battery, we suggest all of our customers fully charge it by AC power adapter. Maybe it take a long period, the capacity was strain out by inner PCB circuit. In order to protect your battery life, you can fully charge it to 100% and drain to 2% ,it's a cycle and the capacity will recover. it's better to make normal use after 2 cycles and charge the battery regularly at least once a month.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion; Voltage: 14.4V; Capacity: 2200mAh; Cells: 4-Cell; Color: Black
  • 100% Brand New Cells. Rechargeable Up to 500 cycls over life of battery; High energy efficiency and extended battery life.

Compatible with the following models:
HP Compaq 2230, Hip Compaq 2230b, Hip Compaq 2230s, Presario CQ20-100CTO, Presario CQ20-101TU, Presario CQ20-102TU, Presario CQ20-103TU, Presario CQ20-104TU, Presario CQ20-105TU, Presario CQ20-106TU, Presario CQ20-107TU, Presario CQ20-108TU, Presario CQ20-109TU, Presario CQ20-110TU, Presario CQ20-111TU, Presario CQ20-112TU, Presario CQ20-113TU, Presario CQ20-114TU, Presario CQ20-115TU, Presario CQ20-116TU, Presario CQ20-117TU, Presario CQ20-118TU, Presario CQ20-119TU, Presario CQ20-120TU, Presario CQ20-121TU, Presario CQ20-122TU, Presario CQ20-123TU, Presario CQ20-201TU, Presario CQ20-202TU, Presario CQ20-203TU, Presario CQ20-204TU, Presario CQ20-205TU, Presario CQ20-206TU, Presario CQ20-207TU, Presario CQ20-208TU, Presario CQ20-209TU, Presario CQ20-210TU, Presario CQ20-211TU, Presario CQ20-212TU, Presario CQ20-301TU, Presario CQ20-302TU, Presario CQ20-303TU, Presario CQ20-304TU, Presario CQ20-305TU, Presario CQ20-306TU, Presario CQ20-307TU, Presario CQ20-308TU, Presario CQ20-309TU, Presario CQ20-310TU, Presario CQ20-311TU and Presario CQ20-312TU

Compatible with the following part numbers:
482372-251, 482372-252, 482372-261, 482372-262, 482372-321, 482372-322, 482372-361, 482372-362, 493202-001, 501717-341, 501717-362, 501935-001, HSTNN-DB77, HSTNN-I53C, HSTNN-OB77, HSTNN-OB84, HSTNN-XB77, HSTNN-XB84, NBP4A112, NBP4A112B1, NBP8A128B1, NBP8A128B2, NK573AA, HZ08, HZ08073

Note: Not all P/N & compatible models are listed here.

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