Sony Vaio VGP-BPL26 6 Cell Battery
Sony Vaio VGP-BPS26 Battery

Laptop Battery 6-cell for Sony VAIO VGP-BPS26 VGP-BPS26A; SONY VAIO CA/EJ/EG/CB Series (10pc)

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4400MAH New Replacement Laptop Battery For Sony VAIO VGP-BPS26 VGP-BPL26 VGP-BPS26A SONY VAIO CA Series/ EJ Series/ EG Series/ CB Series--12 Months Warranty.


  • Attention: For the new battery, we suggest all of our customers fully charge it by AC power adapter. Maybe it take a long period, the capacity was strain out by inner PCB circuit. In order to protect your battery life, you can fully charge it to 100% and drain to 2% ,it's a cycle and the capacity will recover. it's better to make normal use after 2 cycles and charge the battery regularly at least once a month.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 11.1V; Capacity: 4400mAh; Cells: 6-cell Color: Black;
  • 100% Brand New Cells. Rechargeable Up to 500 cycls over life of battery; High energy efficiency and extended battery life.

Compatible with the following models:
PCG-61712T, PCG-61911W, PCG-61A12L, PCG-61A14L, PCG-71611W, PCG-71811W, PCG-71912L, PCG-71913L, SVE11113FXW, SVE111B11W, SVE111B1W, SVE14, SVE141, SVE141100C, SVE14111EG, SVE14111EGB, SVE14111EN, SVE14111ENB, SVE14112EA, SVE14112EAB, SVE14112EF, SVE14112EFB, SVE14112EG, SVE14112EGB, SVE14112EH, SVE14112EHB, SVE14112EN, SVE14112ENB, SVE14113EG, SVE14113EGB, SVE14113EN, SVE14113ENB, SVE14115FA, SVE14115FAB, SVE14115FG, SVE14115FGB, SVE14115FH, SVE14115FHW, SVE14115FN, SVE14115FNB, SVE14115FW, SVE14115YC, SVE14116EC, SVE14116ECB, SVE14116GN, SVE14116GNB, SVE14117EC, SVE14117ECB, SVE14117GN, SVE14A25CNWI, SVE14A25CV, SVE14A25CVPI, SVE14A25CXS, SVE14A26CA, SVE14A26CAH, SVE14A26CC, SVE14A26CCB, SVE14A26CF, SVE14A26CFH, SVE14A26CG, SVE14A26CGS, SVE14A26CH, SVE14A26CHS, SVE14A26CV, SVE14A26CVH, SVE14A26CW, SVE14A26CW/S, SVE14A27CA, SVE14A27CAS, SVE14A27CC, SVE14A27CCP, SVE14A27CDH, SVE14A27CG, SVE14A27CGH, SVE14A27CJW, SVE14A27CN, SVE14A27CNH, SVE14A27CV, SVE14A27CVH, SVE14A27CXH, SVE14A28CC, SVE14A28CCH, SVE14A28CJB, SVE14A28CJP, SVE14A28CJW, SVE14A290S, SVE14A290X, SVE14A29CC, SVE14A29CCH, SVE14A29CJS, SVE14A2AJ, SVE14A2S, SVE14A2S1C, SVE14A35CXH, SVE14A36CG, SVE14A37CXH, SVE14A390X, SVE14AA11W, SVE14AC11L, SVE14AE13L, SVE14AE13T, SVE14AG16T, SVE15, sve151, SVE15111EA, SVE15111EAB, SVE15111EF, SVE15111EFB, SVE15111EG, SVE15111EGB, SVE15111EN, SVE15111ENB, SVE15111FDB, sve151124cxs, SVE15112FXS, SVE15113EG, SVE15113EGB, SVE15113EN, SVE15113ENB, SVE15113FDB, SVE15113FDP, SVE15113FDW, SVE15113FJW, SVE15113FXB, sve15113fxs, SVE15114FJB, SVE15114FJP, SVE15114FJW, SVE15115EA, SVE15115EAB, SVE15115EG, SVE15115EGB, SVE15115EH, SVE15115EHW, SVE15115EN, SVE15115ENW, sve15115exs, sve15115fxs, SVE15116EA, SVE15116EAB, SVE15116EC, SVE15116EF, SVE15116EFW, SVE15116EG, SVE15116EGB, SVE15116EN, SVE15116ENB, SVE15117FDB, SVE15117FG, SVE15117FGB, SVE15117FH, SVE15117FHW, SVE15117FJB, SVE15117FJP, SVE15117FJW, SVE15117FN, SVE15117FNB, SVE15117FW, SVE15118EC, SVE15118FA, SVE15118FAB, SVE15118FG, SVE15118FGB, SVE15118FN, SVE15118FNB, SVE15118FW, SVE15119FJB, SVE15119FJP, SVE15119FJW, SVE1511A1E, SVE1511A1EB,SVE15122CAW, SVE15122CXP, SVE15122CXW, SVE15123CDS, SVE15123CJW, SVE15123CN, SVE15123CNB, SVE15123CV, SVE15123CVW, SVE15125CJW, SVE15125CN, SVE15125CNB, SVE15125YC, SVE15126CA, SVE15126CAP, SVE15126CC, SVE15126CCB, SVE15126CF, SVE15126CFB, SVE15126CH, SVE15126CHW, SVE15126CN, SVE15126CNW, SVE15126CV, SVE15126CVP, SVE15126CXS, SVE15127CA, SVE15127CAB, SVE15127CDS, SVE15127CF, SVE15127CFB, SVE15127CJB, SVE15127CJP, SVE15127CJW, SVE15127CN, SVE15127CNB, SVE15127CV, SVE15127CVB, SVE15128CC, SVE15128CCB, SVE15128CG, SVE15128CGW, SVE15128CN, SVE15128CNS, sve15128csx, SVE15128CV, SVE15128CVS, SVE15128CW, SVE151290X, SVE15129CA, SVE15129CAB, SVE15129CG, SVE15129CGW, SVE15129CH, SVE15129CHS, SVE15129CJS, SVE15129CN, SVE15129CNB, SVE15129CV, SVE15129CVB, SVE15129CW, SVE1512A4E, SVE1512AJ, SVE1512B1E, SVE1512B4E, SVE1512C4E, SVE1512C5E, SVE1512C6E, SVE1512D4E, SVE1512E6EW, SVE1512J1E, SVE1512J6E, SVE1512K1E, SVE1512K1EB, SVE1512K1ESI, SVE1512K1RW, SVE1512KCXS, SVE1512M1E, SVE1512NCXB, SVE1512P1EB, SVE1512S, SVE1512SAC, SVE1512W1E, SVE1512W1EB, SVE1512W1ESI, SVE151E13T, Sve151g11, sve151g11l, sve151g12w, Sve151g13m, SVE151G13T, SVE151G13W, sve151j11l, SVE151J11W, SVE151J13L, sve151j13m, SVE17, SVE17115FDB, SVE17115FG, SVE17115FGB, SVE1711AJ, SVE1711C5E, SVE1711F1E, SVE1711F1EW, SVE1711G1E, SVE1711J1E, SVE1711L1E, SVE1711P1E, SVE1711Q1E, SVE1711R1E, SVE1711S9E, SVE1711T1E, SVE1711V1E, SVE1711W1E, SVE1711X1E, SVE1711X1EB, SVE1711Z1E, SVE17125CDB, SVE17125CG, SVE17125CGB, SVE17125CV, SVE17125CVB, SVE171290X, SVE17129CC, SVE17129CCW, VPC-CA15FA/P, VPC-CA15FA/W, VPC-CA15FF/B, VPC-CA15FF/G, VPC-CA15FF/L, VPC-CA15FF/P, VPC-CA15FF/W, VPC-CA15FG, VPC-CA15FG/B, VPC-CA15FG/D, VPC-CA15FG/G, VPC-CA15FG/P, VPC-CA15FG/R, VPC-CA15FG/W, VPC-CA15FH/B, VPC-CA15FH/G, VPC-CA15FH/L, VPC-CA15FH/P, VPC-CA15FH/W, VPC-CA15FW, VPC-CA15FW/B, VPC-CA15FW/D, VPC-CA15FW/P, VPC-CA15FW/W, VPC-CA15FX/W, VPC-CA16EC, VPC-CA16EC/P, VPC-CA16FG/B, VPC-CA16FG/W, VPC-CA16FH/B, VPC-CA16FW, VPC-CA16FW/W, VPC-CA17EC, VPC-CA17EC/W, VPC-CA17FX/D, VPC-CA17FX/G, VPC-CA18EC, VPC-CA18EC/D, VPC-CA190, VPC-CA1AFJ, VPC-CA1AGJ, VPC-CA1AHJ, VPC-CA1C5E, VPC-CA1S1CCN1, VPC-CA1S1E, VPC-CA1S1E/B, VPC-CA1S1E/D, VPC-CA1S1E/G, VPC-CA1S1E/P, VPC-CA1S1E/W, VPC-CA1S2CCN1, VPC-CA1S3CCN1, VPC-CA1SLE/B, VPC-CA1SLE/G, VPC-CA1SLE/W, VPC-CA26EC, VPC-CA27EC, VPC-CA28EC, VPC-CA2AJ, VPC-CA2S0E, VPC-CA2S1E, VPC-CA2SFX/R, VPC-CA2Z0E, VPC-CA35FA/PI, VPC-CA35FF/P, VPC-CA35FG/PI, VPC-CA35FH/D, VPC-CA35FN/R, VPC-CA35FW, VPC-CA35FW/B, VPC-CA35FW/W, VPC-CA36EC, VPC-CA36EC/P, VPC-CA36EC/W, VPC-CA36FA/B, VPC-CA36FG/B, VPC-CA36FH/W, VPC-CA36FW, VPC-CA36FW/B, VPC-CA36FW/W, VPC-CA37EC, VPC-CA37EC/B, VPC-CA37EC/L, VPC-CA38EC, VPC-CA38EC/D, VPC-CA38EC/R, VPC-CA3AFX/PI, VPC-CA3AJ, VPC-CA3E1E, VPC-CA3S, VPC-CA3S1E, VPC-CA3S6C, VPC-CA3SFX/R, VPC-CA4AJ, VPC-CB, VPC-CB100C, VPC-CB100CCN1, VPC-CB15FA/B, VPC-CB15FA/W, VPC-CB15FDB, VPC-CB15FDD, VPC-CB15FDG, VPC-CB15FDP, VPC-CB15FDW, VPC-CB15FF/B, VPC-CB15FG/B, VPC-CB15FG/G, VPC-CB15FG/L, VPC-CB15FG/P, VPC-CB15FG/W, VPC-CB15FGD, VPC-CB15FH/B, VPC-CB15FH/W, VPC-CB15FW, VPC-CB15FW/B, VPC-CB15FW/P, VPC-CB15FW/W, VPC-CB15FX/B, VPC-CB16, VPC-CB16FG, VPC-CB16FG/B, VPC-CB16FG/W, VPC-CB16FW, VPC-CB16FW/B, VPC-CB16FW/W, VPC-CB17EC, VPC-CB17EC/P, VPC-CB17FG, VPC-CB17FG/B, VPC-CB17FGB, VPC-CB17FW, VPC-CB17FW/B, VPC-CB17FW/W, VPC-CB17FX/B, VPC-CB17FX/W, VPC-CB18EC, VPC-CB18EC/D, VPC-CB18EC/G, VPC-EG16EC, VPC-EG16EC/W, VPC-EG16EG/W, VPC-EG17FA/W, VPC-EG17FG/B, VPC-EG17FH/W, VPC-EG17YC, VPC-EG18EC, VPC-EG18EC/P, VPC-EG18FA/P, VPC-EG18FG, VPC-EG18FG/B, VPC-EG18FG/L, VPC-EG18FG/P, VPC-EG18FG/W, VPC-EG18FH/L, VPC-EG18FW, VPC-EG190S1, VPC-EG190S2, VPC-EG190XCTO, VPC-EG1AJ, VPC-EG23YC, VPC-EG24FJ/B, VPC-EG24FJ/P, VPC-EG24FJ/W, VPC-EG24FX/B, VPC-EG25EA/B, VPC-EG25EG/B, VPC-EG25EN/W, VPC-EG25FDB, VPC-EG25YC, VPC-EG26EC, VPC-EG26EC/P, VPC-EG26EG/B, VPC-EG27FA/W, VPC-EG27FG/W, 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Compatible with the following part numbers:

Note: Not all P/N & compatible models are listed here.

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