Samsung AA-PB9NC6B Laptop Battery
Laptop Battery for Samsung R428 R580 R420
samsung R428 AA-PB9NS6W Battery white color

Replacement Samsung AA-PB9NC6B Laptop Battery for Samsung R428 R457 R420 R430 R468 R470 RV511 (10pc)

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Laptop Battery for Samsung AA-PB9NC6B AA-PB9NS6W AA-PB9NS6B NP300V5A R505 R540 R720 R580 P510 R530 RV515 P530 Q430 R420 R480 RF510 RV510 NP550P5C – Black - High Performance [6 Cells/4400mAh/11.1V].


  • Attention: For the new battery, we suggest all of our customers fully charge it by AC power adapter. Maybe it take a long period, the capacity was strain out by inner PCB circuit. In order to protect your battery life, you can fully charge it to 100% and drain to 2% ,it's a cycle and the capacity will recover. it's better to make normal use after 2 cycles and charge the battery regularly at least once a month.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 11.1V; Capacity: 4400mAh; Cells: 6-cell Color: Black;
  • 100% Brand New Cells. Rechargeable Up to 500 cycls over life of battery; High energy efficiency and extended battery life.

Compatible with the following models:
E152, E251, E252, E372, NP-300E4X, NP-300E5C, NP-300E5C-A09US, NP-300E5X, NP-350V4C, NP-355V5C-S01US, NP-E152, NP-E251, NP-E252, NP-E372, NP-E452-JT04DE, NP-P230, NP-P330, NP-P428, NP-P430, NP-P480, NP-P510, NP-P530, NP-P560, NP-P580, NP-Q230, NP-Q318, NP-Q318E, NP-Q430, NP-R418, NP-R420, NP-R423, NP-R428, NP-R429, NP-R430, NP-R431, NP-R439, NP-R440, NP-R460, NP-R462, NP-R463, NP-R463H, NP-R464, NP-R465, NP-R465H, NP-R466, NP-R467, NP-R468, NP-R468H, NP-R469, NP-R470, NP-R470H, NP-R478, NP-R480, NP-R517, NP-R518, NP-R518H, NP-R519, NP-R520, NP-R520H, NP-R522, NP-R522H, NP-R523, NP-R530, NP-R540, NP-R540-JA02CA, NP-R540E, NP-R540I, NP-R580, NP-R590, NP-R620-AS01AU, NP-R730, NP-R730C, NP-R730CE, NP-R730E, NP-R780, NP-R780-JS02AU, NP-R780-JS02UK, NP-R780-JS03DE, NP-R780-JS04AU, NP-R780-JS0BUK, NP-R780-JT01, NP-R780E, NP-R780VE, NP-RC520-S05AU, NP-RC520H, NP-RF410, NP-RF510, NP-RF511, NP-RF511-S03AU, NP-RF511-S04AU, NP-RF511-S07AU, NP-RF710, NP-RF710-s04AU, NP-RV408, NP-RV410, NP-RV508, NP-RV520-A02UK, NP-RV520-A07UK, NP-RV520-S02AU, NP-RV520I, NP-RV711-A01UK, NP-RV711-S01AU, NP-RV720, NP-SF410, NP-SF411-A01, NP-SF411I, NP300E5A-S04AU, NP300E5A-S07AU, NP300E5A-S08AU, NP300E5A-S09AU, NP300E7A-S01AU, NP300E7A-S02AU, NP305E5A-A02AU, NP305E5A-A08US, NP305V5A-S08AU, NP305V5A-S0BAU, NP305V5A-T01AU, NP350E5C-A03AU, NP350E5C-A07US, NP350V5C-901AU, NP350V5C-S01AU, NP350V5C-S02AU, NP350V5C-S06AU, NP350V5C-S07AU, NP350V5C-S08AU, NP350V5C-S0BAU, NP355E5C, NP355V5C, NP355V5C-S01AU, NP550P4C, NP550P5C, NT-E152, NT-E251, NT-E252, NT-P230, NT-P330, NT-P428, NT-P430, NT-P480, NT-P510, NT-P530, NT-P560, NT-P580, NT-Q230, NT-Q318, NT-Q430, NT-R423, NT-R428, NT-R429, NT-R430, NT-R431, NT-R439, NT-R440, NT-R478, NT-R480, NT-R523, NT-R530, NT-R540, NT-R580, NT-R590, NT-R730, NT-R780, NT-RF410, NT-RF510, NT-RF710, NT-RV408, NT-RV410, NT-RV508, P230, P330, P428, P430, P480, P510, P530, P580, P580-JS02AU, P580-JS06, Q230, Q318, Q318-DS01, Q318-DS02, Q318-DS09, Q318-DS0G, Q318-DS0H, Q318-DS0J, Q318-DS0Kp, Q318-DSOE, Q320, Q320-32P, Q320-AS01DE, Q320-AS02DE, Q320-AS04DE, Q320-Aura P7450 Benks, Q320-Aura P7450 Darjo, Q320-Aura P8700 Balin, Q322, Q428, Q430, Q520, Q528, R418, R420, R423, R427, R428, R429, R430, R431, R439, R440, R462, R463, R463H, R464, R465, R465H, R466, R467, R468, R468-DS03, R468H, R469, R470, R470H, R478, R480, R503, R505, R505, FS02, R505, FS03, R505, FS04, R505-FS05DE, R507, R517, R518, R518H, R519, R520, R520H, R522, R522H, R523, R530, R538, R540, R540-JA02, R540-JA02AU, R540-JA04, R540-JA05, R540-JA06, R540-JA08, R540-JA09, R540-JS03AU, R540-JS08AU, R580, R590, R620, R718, R720, R720-AS02DE, R728, R780, R780-JT01, RC410, RC420, RC510, RC520, RC530, RC710, RC710E, RC720, RC720H, RF410, RF411, RF510, RF510-S03AU, RF511, RF511-S01, RF511-S02, RF511-S03, RF511-S04, RF511-S05, RF511-S07, RF512, RF710, RF711, RF712, RV408, RV409, RV409I, RV411, RV415, RV420, RV440, RV508, RV509, RV509E, RV509I, RV510, RV510-A01AU, RV511, RV515, RV520, RV520-W01US, RV540, RV711, RV72, RV720, RV720-S01AU, RV720-S03AU, SF410-A01, SF410-A02

Compatible with the following part numbers:

Note: Not all P/N & compatible models are listed here.

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